Pinhead Live Crickets

Pinhead Live Crickets
  Pinhead Live Crickets

Pinheads are newborn crickets, about the size of an ant! Great for the smallest of reptiles and amphibians - baby dart frogs (poison arrow frogs), newborn chameleons, etc. Very small, extremely soft bodies, very easy to digest.

Pinhead live crickets are only 1 to 3 days old.

Again - these are TRUE PINHEADS, about the size of an ant!

This size cricket does NOT have any potato in the shipping container because small crickets can be easily injured or killed by the pieces of potato bouncing around in transit. Remember to add a food & water source upon receipt! See our Food & Diet Supplements page for various choices.

Images (penny, cricket, & size chart to left) may NOT appear actual size based on screen resolution of your monitor. Penny is for REFERENCE to show approximate size of cricket in relation to a real penny.