Clay & Cathy Ghann

When my father Aubrey Ghann resigned from his job as a welder back in 1952 to begin raising crickets, some folks thought he had lost his mind. He stuck with it though, and his many years of hard work and dedication paid off. He believed in - and taught me - a few simple truths: always be honest, sell quality products at fair prices, and treat people the way you would expect to be treated. I guess he knew what "core values" were long before it became a catchy business phrase.

I graduated from Georgia Southern College in 1982, married a beautiful gal named Cathy, and bought the company from my Dad. We have produced various types of feeder insects over the years, but LIVE CRICKETS have always been our specialty. Our goal has always been to produce crickets that are clean, healthy, lively, and free of the "pest bugs" that seem to plague most cricket producers.

Through the good times and the bad we've remained true to those core values Dad taught me. Ghann's Cricket Farm has been blessed with considerable growth over the years, and today GCF is one of the largest producers of live crickets in the world. We are truly thankful to the thousands of faithful customers who have supported us.

We invite you to compare us to our competitors - our prices are competitive, our quality is unmatched, and we try to treat every customer as if he or she were our only one. We want every customer to be completely satisfied with every purchase. After all, that's how I would expect to be treated!

Thank you for your business,

Clay Ghann
Ghann's Cricket Farm, Inc.