I love your web site format. Print that you can actually read without a magnifying glass! All information is very clear, thanks to both text and pictures. The temperature chart is an excellent aid to choosing shipping method.

Elizabeth A.

I am very satisfied with the shipping of our crickets. We have ordered from other suppliers and received mostly dead crickets and crickets just loose in a cardboard box with no ventilation. Hats off to Ghann's Cricket Farm! You have one very happy customer that will definitely be ordering from you again!

Ron M.

Ghann's has offered excellent service to us over the past few years and our pets- Zoe and Zeus- two bearded dragons. It is with sadness I heard of Mr. Ghann's death but I honor his life and dedication to a great American Product by continuing my loyalty to purchase with you. I love to hear of his long life and his long marriage. I have been married myself for 22 years and hope to be as happy and long lived as Mr Ghann. Our prayers are with you and your family. You are what makes this country great with your dedication to family, family owned businesses and great products and services! 

Brian C.



Thanks for the kind words. My father was a great man in my eyes, and will be dearly missed. I count myself very blessed to have had a father who wasn't afraid to tell me that he loved me, to praise me when appropriate, and to spank my butt when appropriate as well! He was a wonderful role model, and if I can be half the man/husband/father he was, I'll be doing OK.

Congrats on your 22 years of marriage! 

- - - 
Clay Ghann
Ghann's Cricket Farm, Inc.

Just wanted to touch base to let you know that the crickets arrived today about mid-afternoon. I must commend your packing as there was little die off even considering the very cold temps we have had recently. It's nice to see healthy crickets again after getting garbage from other vendors. Thank you very much and I'll be back again when my beardies finish this bunch.

Jeannette G.

I just wanted to tell you all how pleased we are with the service and quality of the crickets you sent! They arrived on-time and in good shape and our baby beardie LOVES them! He didn't eat nearly as many of the crickets we got from the local pet store and they always died quickly so it was a big waste. Glad to know he is getting nutritious quality feeder crickets to help him grow big and strong!

Jennifer H.

Dear Mr. Ghann,

I am writing to thank you for re-instating the maxipack discounts for your Ghann's GREAT Program breeders.

I cannot tell you how much that will mean to our small, family business. The quality and service you offer is unparalleled, and I am happy to know that your business is thriving and I appreciate all that you have done to maintain the standard of quality and service that I associate only with Ghann's.

Thank you so very much for sharing your blessings. I realize that you could have kept the prices as they were instead of choosing to benefit others.

With sincere gratitude,

Barbara Stewart Herpetologic www.herpetologic.net

Note: Barbara is referring to our Ghann's G.R.E.A.T. Breeder Program (Ghann's Reptile Enthusiast Assistance Theory) - a program through which qualified reptile and amphibian producers can get reduced prices on live crickets to encourage them to produce more cricket-eating animals.  If you're a reptile breeder, email [email protected] for information.



You're welcome! And thank YOU for taking the time to write & show your appreciation.

I'm glad the GREAT program has worked well for you. It works for breeders like you with the first order you place - you get a GREAT discount right away - but it only really works for us if we do a lot of volume. We need to sell a LOT of crickets - particularly the smaller sized ones - for the GREAT program to put any food on our table.
So... PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!! Not only to all the breeders you know, but also please tell your customers about us! Please recommend that those who buy your animals purchase their live food off our website www.ghann.com - assuming your customers are consumers - if they're retail pet shops, tell them to contact us for wholesale pricing information. Of course they won't get the GREAT prices, but they'll still get the same quality & service.

Thanks again for your patronage Barbara.

Merry Christmas!

- - -
Clay Ghann
Ghann's Cricket Farm, Inc.

I have purchased crickets from several other suppliers and I have to say these are the best. Not one of them were dead when I got them and they lasted a very long time with almost no loss at all. Also, the wax worms are great and last a long time if you refrigerate them. Great company, great service and a pleasure to find in these days and times.
Thank you, thank you and thank you!

Pam M.

The tenacity of these little guys is amazing. I chose to ship 2nd day instead to next day for the trip from Georgia to New York, and 0 for 250 not a single cricket was dead. As I write this a competitor’s site has been down for more than 12 hours. Your service is great, your products are great, and so are your people.

Adam D.

Just wanted to say thank you for great service and a great product. I received my first order of crickets from your farm today and was very pleased with how active and healthy they are. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again as soon as I need more crickets!

Ashley W.

I just got my order of 5,000 crickets and i couldnt be happier!! I had been ordering from another major supplier and it seemed I was getting ripped off on the amount of crickets and the prices!! At Ghann's I got 2,000 more for $20 less!! I will be a dedicated customer for life!

Brittney S.

I am very happy with my order. My crickets arrived & they were all happy & healthy & my baby beardies will love them. Thank you for adding the additional 6000 1/8" crickets. I will be using Ghann's from now on to order all of my crickets because they are the best. I did order from another place before you & the first order was completely dead so they reshipped & the second order was completely dead (this was back in May before it gets hot). I will never use anyone else but you in the future. Be sure to thank Yellow Room Reptiles for adding your link to their site because that is where I found you. :-) Customer Service is rated #1 in my book. I can see why you have been in business so long.

Jamie T.

I received my first order from Ghann's. What a difference from the other farms. I actually received what I ordered -- 1500 3/8" crickets that were alive and healthy. Unbelievable! Unlike other farms, the box was clean and contained only the insects I ordered. No beetles, No beetle larvae, No spiders and not a 1/2 ton of cricket poo. As disgusting as this sounds, they actually smelled cleaner and healthier.

Brian G.

I cannot thank you enough! I am so happy with my first order of 1000 crickets, so healthy and thriving. Our beardies are our buddies and we wanted the best for them. We have tried other pet stores and another online "farm", and have learned that Ghann's has the best, healthiest and most cost effective food supply for our pets. Once recently, I was very shorted on a cricket order by another company and had ordered from them for over 4 years. Their service was uncaring and full of accusations and denial; I felt that was very rude. I saw Ghann's on an episode of Dirty Jobs - and decided to switch. Its the best decision ever! Every day I open the cricket bin, there are very active and plentiful, healthy crickets!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Renee S.

I have been buying crickets in pet stores for over a year till my box turtles developed a really healthy taste for them. Web search brought quite a few companies, and by lucky chance I picked Ghann's Cricket Farm. I am sure other providers probably do a good job, but Ghann's really superseded all my expectations: crickets are healthy, fat, with not a single dead insect in the shipment of 500. I was never able to buy crickets of that quality in a pet store.

Thank you, Ghann's, I am really impressed.

Dominik D.

Yes those new crickets were by far the best! They never die (I swear by it) but they do get HUGE! They last longer and get bigger but my tree frogs and geckos can down that size as long as they are not babies. Truly lots of meat to shell ratio I am sure. They have NOT bit me or any frog and putting a piece of orange into a vivarium etc is a good practice anyhow. It is funny because the common species [Acheta] has bit me and has bit my frogs at one point or another while they sleep, these guys tend to avoid and go on their merry way like they have other things to do. I really like them. I hope you keep your prices down, but if it were even the slightest difference and didn't affect us financially much more than the other normal species, I'd choose this one any day. NOT ONE died - not one! That speaks volumes. Not one bit anyone, they aren't as noisy as the others are at their size comparison either. I am so glad Ghann’s has taken the steps to do this lawfully like your site says. I am also USDA licensed and I KNOW that getting approval for things can be chaotic. To me, no one rivals Ghann’s shipping techniques, live arrival, the breeder program and has the healthiest crickets. Guaranteed. Happy customer here - elated with the new species!

If I had ten thumbs, I'd give it ten thumbs up!

Kristina Z.

Hi, this is Laureen B. with Bennett’s Creek Reptiles - I recently joined your [GREAT] breeder program. I just wanted to tell you that I have never seen such gorgeous crickets in my life! I’ve been ordering from Reptilefood.com for seven years, and I’ve never seen crickets packaged as well as yours are - they are just wonderful! I can honestly say there was [only] one dead cricket out of 1000 that I got - it was just unbelievable! It is just very gracious that you guys offer this program and I am just totally impressed, and I just thought you should know. Hope you guys have a good week and I will be ordering from you very soon!

Laureen B.

Note: Laureen had just received her first order of our new virus resistant crickets.

The crickets I received from you are definitely not the same species that were sold to me [by another grower] last year that injured and killed some of my rare Aussie geckos! I had no problems with these from you whatsoever, and my geckos readily ate them. I'm glad I tried them... thanks so much.

Marcia M.  

I received my order today of 500 crickets and I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough to give your company praise, praise, praise. Not only was there expertise in the packaging but I received the most HEALTHY looking, LARGE crickets with NOT 1 dead!!!!! Your company is the second place I have ordered from and the last....What I received from the last place was unacceptable, nowhere near the amount I ordered, very small and almost all dead. I never received a reply after my email to them either. I am so thankful that I found your company and will not be ordering from anywhere else, I can see my Beardie growing big and strong eating your crickets.

Thank you so much!!!!

Christa H.  

I just received my new crickets and you are right, those boys are fat. I like them and I'm really looking forward to seeing the 1/4" version of these guys. If they are also fatter at that size, in addition to not being longer than 1/4" I think these new crickets might have a small cost savings because they will be more filling to my babies without being dangerously over large.

Farol D.

I have to say I love how fast my little eight legged critter food was delivered. Alive and healthy definitely has my approval on repeat business. Thank you, my spiders are fat and healthy and you made certain of that with quality product. I cannot praise the service enough! If others read this, you better buy feeder crickets etc from this site.

You can't beat the price and again quality is Top Notch!


WOW!! Just want to say we just received my first order of 1000 crickets from you all and I did not have one dead cricket and they look great!!!! Great packaging and arrived as promised. You just earned a brand new customer. I am leaving the other company I use to deal with to order from you all from now on.

Thank You so much for a terrific product as promised and the beardies thank you all as well!!!

Donna and Chuck E.

Ghann's cricket farm is without a doubt the best live feeder supply on the internet!  As a result of the recent cricket virus and the dwindling economy, live feeder prices have skyrocketed. I have been spending night and day trying to find a feeder insect website with good prices, before this, my anoles and African fat tail geckos had only eaten several crickets within the past 2 weeks, as my prior cricket supplier had went out of business. It has been my extreme luck to find Ghann's cricket farm. As a reward for your renowned customer service and amazing prices, I will be ordering from you extremely often for the rest of my reptile keeping years.  Please consider posting this testimonial on your website, as I want to share my experience with the best cricket supplier in the US with the world!I

Looking forward to future business with you,

Jordan M.

OMG thank you so MUCH! I emailed you about a recent order that somehow the box got dented. That's not your problem and I'm sure [carrier] is having a cricket problem because of how they stack boxes. But you sent me another box to cover that (now I know what 1000 crickets looks like)! That is SUPERIOR customer service and wish more companies/businesses were like you! You have a fabulous business and I've been recommending you to people all over!

Sincerely and from a VERY happy customer,


We received our huge box of crickets today, Wednesday. It was a day late due to a truck breakdown on South Carolina. But I didn’t see one dead cricket in the entire shipment! Just a testimony of the incredible health of your crickets!

Thanks so much and have a Happy New Year!

Elliot and Sandy www.chameleonsnorthwest.com www.geckosnorthwest.com

Good Afternoon, I think I love you!!!!

In my location, our tiny cricket supplier has halted production. All substitutes have failed us on size measurement. (they have difficulty measuring 1/16).  Your 1/16 crickets arrived today, 30 degrees out, warm and moving!!!!!!!!
Perfect size!

Outstanding packaging!!!!

Did I tell you I love you!

I have 20 Darts that will feast tonite!

Do we have time to get another order out before Christmas??

Debbie G.

I just would like to say that I am very pleased with Ghann's! I recently got a bearded dragon and before I tried another company for ordering crickets. When I received the box (it was shipped UPS) it was beaten up and looked bad. Then when I opened it, about half of the crickets were dead! After than I tried phoenix worms and my first shipment was completely dead. In the second shipment a few survived but not enough for me to want to order them again. I just received my order from Ghann's today and only a few crickets died in transit. Probably less than 10! The box was also in perfect condition when I got it. Your great service and the use of FedEx is the perfect combination. I'm also happy with the treatment I've received the past couple weeks in communicating with Ghann's. Temperatures in my area were extremely hot and I greatly appreciate the people who have been emailing me and helping me out with my orders, they have been very helpful and nice to me.

Thank you Ghann's!!

I will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone!

Allison S.

After a frustrating mess with Wormman's Worm farm involving their online purchase procedures (who the hell requires you send a check or give a CC number over the phone in 2009?!?!?) after a bit of web searching, I came to do business with you folks. Your website is simple, concise and easy to use. You services and products are EXACTLY as promised, with prices that blow all the competition out of the water. I am still in awe of the speed with which my order of Phoenix Worms arrived at my home. I ordered before I went to my graveyard shift job, and the worms were waiting for me when I arrived home the next day. This is even more impressive, as I ordered at the beginning of a major holiday weekend. It is extremely hard to get live foods for my breeding colonies of caudates in Nebraska. You folks have solved my problems. As a result of the excellent services rendered, I have place an extremely positive Testimonial about your company on the largest English language newt and salamander enthusiast community. I hope that you will get more business as a result of this. I refuse to purchase my live feeders from anywhere else from now on. Thank you for being a credit to the business! I encourage you to visit our community and expand your commerce.

Sincerely and with extreme gratitude,

Johnny F. Member of Caudata.org and FrogForum.net

Just wanted to drop you a note and and say 'Thanks!' We have purchased live crickets through a few other online stores and your crickets were the best! The packaging was better. The shipping was quicker. There were fewer dead crickets. The live crickets seem to be in better condition. Everything was great! And I really appreciate the email with the tracking number. That helps tremendously. Thanks for having a superior product and better all around service. I look forward to buying crickets from Ghann's from now on.

Thanks again,

Mick S.

To whom it may concern In this time of poor customer satisfaction and out sourcing it has been a pleasure to deal with your company. I recently ordered 1000 3/8 crickets and their was a mistake with the shipping. I called your toll free number and spoke to Cheryl and not only did she take care of my problem. But did it very professional and through. Today I reordered and again she did it again. I must admit I deal with on-line company’s every day. But this lady reflects excellence and is an asset to your company. Thank her for being such a pleasure to deal with.
You have a customer for life.


Dirk B.