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These MEDIUM dubia roaches are about 5/8" long.

We list dubias for sale by the APPROXIMATE COUNT as most people think in terms of "how many" they are getting, but it's actually a MEASURED VOLUME rather than a guaranteed count, as follows:

Medium Dubia Volumes & Approx Count
40 ml = approx 50 roaches
84 ml = approx 100 roaches
190 ml = approx 250 roaches

So when you order "100", we actually give you 84 ml, which will be approximately 100 roaches.

Dubia roaches (Blaptica dubia) are native to Central and South America, and have gained popularity as an alternative feeder insect in recent years.  Supplementing your animal's normal diet of crickets and worms with occasional dubias is a great way to provide needed nutrients while giving them a good variety in their diet.

Dubias make a good feeder insect for numerous reasons:

•  They don’t jump or fly - sub-adult dubias (like these mediums) have no wings.  (ADULT males do have wings and are able to briefly hover & even glide, but they can’t gain altitude so they typically don’t try to escape from their containers). 

•  They are relatively slow crawlers making them easy for your animal (and you!) to catch.

•  They cannot climb slick surfaces, which minimizes the risk of escapees and also helps keep them in food dish making easy prey for your animals.

•  Great nutritional value for your reptile.

•  Easy to maintain.  They live very well, and eat a wide variety of fruits/vegetables/grains.

•  They don't make any noise.

•  Minimal odor.

•  Hardy, live well - can live for a year or more!

Dubia Roaches Care Instructions
A slick plastic tub with appropriate climbing material will provide adequate housing for your dubia roaches. Dubias are not good climbers, so the slick surface of the tub will prevent them from being able to climb the walls. Placing some egg flats in your tub will provide them with adequate surface area to spread out and prevent overcrowding.

Tubs should be cleaned approximately every 30 – 60 days depending upon the number of dubias in the tub and the amount of waste.

Temperatures between 75 – 78 degrees will help dubias maintain their current sizing for longer periods of time (at higher temps they will grow a little more).

A humidity level of 40% - 50% is required for dubia roaches to molt properly. Vent approximately 20% of the tub (cut some 3"-4" diameter holes & cover with screen wire) to avoid higher humidity levels which can lead to excess moisture accumulation in the bottom of the container.

Provide a dry, protein based feed with protein content around 25% to prevent Uric Acid buildup (our Ghann's Cricket Chow works well).

Continual hydration is a must. Cricket watering devices may be used with sponge to prevent drowning or, soaked polymer crystals such as our Ghann’s Critterade gel.

Sweet fruits, such as, apples, oranges, bananas, carrots and mangos are preferred in moderate amounts.

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