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Ghann's proudly sells the Banded Cricket (Gryllodes sigillatus). Banded crickets are hearty and healthy, live well, and have a natural resistance to viruses that can affect the less-hearty Brown Cricket (Acheta domesticus) sold by many other suppliers.

Ghann's 1/16" live crickets are:

•  approximately 3-4 days old

•  about halfway between live crickets pinhead and live crickets 1/8" in size - perfect for babies or very small animals in a variety of species (bearded dragons, chameleons, dart frogs, etc)

•  extremely soft bodied - very easy for your animals to digest

•  wingless - no wings makes them very easy for reptiles and amphibians to digest, and also means they are QUIET! (it's the rubbing together of a cricket's wings that makes the chirp)

This size cricket does NOT have any potato in the shipping container because small live crickets can be easily injured or killed by pieces of potato bouncing around in transit.  Remember to add a food & water source upon receipt!  See our Foods & Diet Supplements page for various choices.

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