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Ghann's proudly sells the Banded Cricket (Gryllodes sigillatus). Banded crickets are hearty and healthy, live well, and have a natural resistance to viruses that can affect the less-hearty Brown Cricket (Acheta domesticus) sold by many other suppliers.

Ghann's 1/2" live crickets - our 2nd MOST POPULAR SIZE! (just behind 5/8") - are:

•  approximately 3 weeks old

•  about halfway between live crickets 3/8" and live crickets 5/8" in size - this "medium" size as some people call it makes them perfect for a vast array of animals (bearded dragons, chameleons, dart frogs, etc)

•  soft bodied - very easy for your animals to digest

•  wingless - no wings makes them very easy for reptiles and amphibians to digest, and also means they are QUIET! (it's the rubbing together of a cricket's wings that makes the chirp)

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